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Natisihi Chapter Occoneechee Lodge 104
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American Indian Affairs (AIA) All about the history and culture Native Indian with crafts listing.
Brotherhood Ceremonies password protect on the site
Brotherhood Trail
What do I have to do to get my brotherhood

Carolina's O.A. Indian Seminar It is a teaching weekend with intensive classes on many aspects of Native dance, clothing, and culture aimed at Boy Scout Order of the Arrow Lodges, Scouts, Venture Crews, and others interested in respectfully preserving Native culture and traditions. The two pow-wows held during the weekend are for seminar participants, are not competitive and no prizes are awarded.
Calendar 2007-15 For the chapter and the lodge calendar.
Ceremonies All Ceremonies are password protect on the site

  • Tapout
  • Pre-Ordeal
  • Oredeal
  • Brotherhood
  • Vigil honor
  • Eagle scout
  • Crosseovers
  • Arrow of Light
  • Webloes OA version
Camping Guide would you like to find good places to go camping?
Chapter Officers Who does what in the chapter?
Chapter Officers outline what each officers jobs are.
Chapter CD new project will be working on in 2007
     went live on may 2007


FAQ Questions and Answer

Scout Forum
new on the district site can give ideas or share with others Must make a user name.


Home is the home page of the Natisihi chapter page

History Section
Past Officers The past officers of years before.
Gold Arrow Award Competition between chapters.
Dancers Award What the dancers get during conclave and NOAC.
Site History What the site has done over time.
NOAC Awards Any awards from a chapter member are here.

Jump start A new program for new arrowmen to help them understand the OA and to help them on there way to brotherhood.


Lodge site Occoneechee lodge 104 website


Mailing list District and chapter mailing list
If you what to be on the mailing list please sign up

Moore District Moore County boy scout home page.


Officers for the year
Officers details what they do
OA Troop Representative tells what this means
Ordeal Ceremony saturday night ceremony (password section)


Pre Ordeal Ceremony (friday night) (password section)
Parent Guilde of the Order of the Arrow what is the


National Order of the Arrow Conference
National Site
The link to the national web site.


Q's and A's Most questions that you have are here with the answers.


Camp Story This is a fictional humorous story that has been in circulation.
Site Map this is the site map.


Tap out Ceremony what done at camporee (password section)


Vigil Honor

What is Vigil Honor?
Vigil Honor class List of the chapter
How nominate some one for Vigil Honor?
Vigil Ceremonies password section


Webmaster the person who runs the site and how to get up with him.
What is the OA tell what the Order of the Arrow is about and the History too.

Search WWW Search Search

3 Order of the Arrow shes
Native Americea flag
Q and A

What does the OA / Natisihi chapter do?

How do I sign up again in the chapter?

What is OA Troop Representative.

Information about NOAC?

What is NOAC about?

How much does an OA function cost?

Where do I find the humorous camp story?

And more Q and A

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