Outline of the Chapter Offices
  • Chief

  • Vice Chief of Program
    • American Indian Affairs Committee
      • Dancing Sub-Committee
      • Drumming/Singing Sub-Committee
      • Ceremonies Sub-Committee
    • Service Committee
    • 12th Point Committee

  • Vice Chief of Administration
    • Health and Safety Committee
    • Food Committee
    • Troop Elections

  • Vice Chief of Communications
    • Records
    • News letter Committee
    • Website Committee
    • Camping Promotions Committee
    • Troop Representative Committee
    • Historical Committee
    • Photography Committee

  • Vice Chief of Finance
    • Trading Post Committee
    • Special Events Committee

3 Order of the Arrow shes
Native Americea flag
Q and A

What does the OA / Natisihi chapter do?

How do I sign up again in the chapter?

What is OA Troop Representative.

Information about NOAC?

What is NOAC about?

How much does an OA function cost?

Where do I find the humorous camp story?

And more Q and A

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