Vigil Honor Chapter List

After two years of service as a Brotherhood member, and with the approval of the national Order of the Arrow Committee, a Scout may be recognized with the Vigil Honor for outstanding service to Scouting, his lodge, and the community. This honor is bestowed by special selection and is limited to one person for every 50 members registered with the lodge each year.
"Listen to these admonitions For your guidance on your journey"

David williamson 2009
Carole Nicely 2007
Jonathan Stewart 2004
Clay Gibbons 2003
Jeremy Allen 2002
Ed Ward 2002
Ian Ward 2002
Scott Allen 2001
Calvin Terry Jr 2001
Calvin "CT" Terry Sr 2001
Greg Carpenter 1998
Ovil White 199
John Block 198
Aemoon Barnes 1988
John Guin 1979
Charles Davis 1978
Larry Carpenter 1975
Bud Going
Beared one
Nov 18, 1972
Walter Delong 19
Allen Delong 19
Greg Whitker 19

    Youth as OA red when got the vigil

3 Order of the Arrow shes
Native Americea flag
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What is OA Troop Representative.

Information about NOAC?

What is NOAC about?

How much does an OA function cost?

Where do I find the humorous camp story?

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