Ceremonies Information
All Ceremonies are password protect on the site

The purpose of the "Safeguarded Area" is to maintain the mystery of the ceremonies, in order to create expectancy in the candidates. There are no secrets, and the Order of the Arrow is not a secret society. Individuals legitimately interested in the Order, it nature, purpose or method, may be told this information.

The Safeguarded Area is useful to those youth who perform OA ceremonies, or would like to.

Password for Ordeal, brotherhood, Vigil

Ordeal Enter here
User name is ordeal

password: _________

The password is the fifth word of the title on page 10 of your OA Handbook.
(Use all lower case letters, no spaces, no quotes, no punctuation.)
  • Tapout few version
  • Pre-Ordeal (official)
  • Oredeal (official)
  • Eagle scout OA version

  • Crosseovers OA version
  • Arrow of Light (new dec 2008)
  • Webloes OA version
  • Broken Arrow ceremony Is a Ceremony (not official) written for the occasion of honoring a member of the OA who is deceased

Brotherhood Enter here

User name is brotherhood

password: _________

The password is
Q:Have you seen the arrow?
A: (the password)

(Use all lower case letters, no spaces, no quotes, no punctuation.)

Vigil Enter here

User name is Vigil

password: _________

The password is
Q: Vigil watchwords
A: password

  • Ceremony
  • Lenape Dictionary 50pages
(Use all lower case letters, no spaces, no quotes, no punctuation.)

"From the beginning it has been our hope that the Order would serve a useful purpose in causing the Scout Promise and Law to spring into action, especially in the Scout camps in all parts of our nation. We are still dedicated to this high purpose."

E. Urner Goodman, Founder of the Order of the Arrow

3 Order of the Arrow shes
Native Americea flag
Q and A

What does the OA / Natisihi chapter do?

How do I sign up again in the chapter?

What is OA Troop Representative.

Information about NOAC?

What is NOAC about?

How much does an OA function cost?

Where do I find the humorous camp story?

And more Q and A

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