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What is NOAC?       2015  (100 years of the OA)

Every two years, Arrowmen from around the country have the unique opportunity to gather together for the National Order of the Arrow Conference commonly referred to as NOAC. NOACs generally have over 7,000 Arrowmen in attendance that are seeking many of the aspects you are looking for: fun, fun and more fun. Each time a conference is held, Arrowmen coming from around the world gather at a major university to share their ideas on lodge leadership, activities, and ceremonies as well as participate in a large variety of competitions. This six day adventure is unlike any other event in Scouting and is unique to just members of the Order of the Arrow.

This every other year
  • Fellowship from other lodges (7,000-10,000 OA members)
  • Indian Culture and POW-WOW
  • Training
  • American Indian Affairs
    • Individual Dance Competition
    • Group Dance Competition
    • Dance Outfit Competition
    • Indian Culture and POW-WOW
    • Team Singing Competition
    • how too
    • Training
  • OA Xperience ( fair full of exhibits )
    • high adventure village
    • various outdoor related shops
    • cooking demonstrations
    • demos gear
    • Leave No Trace
    • corp
  • Quest for Golden Arrow
  • Competition (lodge to lodge)
    • Badminton
    • Wiffle Ball,
    • Frisbee Golf,
    • Mountain Biking
    • Golf Tournament (only one day)
    • Scuba or Kayak
    • Wii Tourney,
    • Volleyball,
    • Basketball
    • Ultimate Frisbee,
    • Lodgeball,
    • Amazing Race,
    • Iron Man,
    • Tug-O-War
  • Ceremonies Competition
  • Shows at night
  • Spirit Award
  • Ceremonies Competition
  • event patch
  • Patch Trading from other lodges (7,000-10,000 OA members)
  • arena shows professional done with pyrotechnics :)
  • trading post Patches, neckerchiefs, hats, t-shirts, mugs, luggage tags, magnets, bolos, and more
  • place to order pizza all the time
  • Housing University’s resident halls (sleep at)
  • Museum of OA 1915-now


1969 11th Indiana University Pathways to Service August 23, 1969 August 26, 1969
1971 12th University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign Aim High Serve All August 24, 1971 August 28, 1971
1973 13th University of California, Santa Barbara New Horizons of Service August 21, 1973 August 23, 1973
1975 14th Miami University Foundations for the Future August 18, 1975 August 22, 1975
1977 15th University of Tennessee A Thing of the Spirit August 23, 1977 August 27, 1977
1979 16th Colorado State University See the Need, Meet the Challenge August 13, 1979 August 19, 1979
1981 17th University of Texas at Austin First a Spark, Now a Flame August 10, 1981 August 14, 1981
1983 18th Rutgers University Those Who Chose You Need You August 15, 1983 August 19, 1983
1986 19th Central Michigan University Kindle the Flame From Within August 11, 1986 August 15, 1986
1988 20th Colorado State University Inspired to Lead, Dedicated to Serve August 14, 1988 August 18, 1988
1990 21st Indiana University Seek the Knowledge, Share the Spirit
(75th Anniversary)
August 12, 1990 August 16, 1990
1992 22nd University of Tennessee Many Fires, One Great Light August 9, 1992 August 13, 1992
23rd Purdue University A Journey for One, An Adventure for Many July 31, 1994 August 4, 1994
1996 24th Indiana University See the Dream, Live the Adventure August 11, 1996 August 15, 1996

25th Iowa State University Memories of the Past, A Vision for the Future August 2, 1998 August 6, 1998
2000 26th University of Tennessee Bound in Brotherhood Led By the Spirit July 29, 2000 August 3, 2000
      greg carpenter
Charles Davis

27th Indiana University Test Yourself, and So Discover July 27, 2002 August 1, 2002
      greg carpenter
Carole Nicely

28th Iowa State University Chosen to serve, Inspired to lead July 31, 2004 August 5, 2004
      greg carpenter
Carole Nicely

29th Michigan State University The Legend Lives On July 29, 2006 August 3, 2006
      greg carpenter
Carole Nicely

30th Indiana University The Power of One August 1, 2009 August 6, 2009
      greg carpenter
Carole Nicely

31st Michigan State University United, We Leave a Legacy July 30, 2012 August 4, 2012
      greg carpenter
2015 32nd Michigan State University (100th Anniversary) August 3-8, 2015

NOAC is comprised of all aspects of the Order, which include ceremonial evaluations to learning about the latest in metalsmithing capabilities. A typical NOAC day consists of the following:

  • Breakfast
  • Morning training sessions
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon training sessions, athletic competitions and museums
  • Dinner
  • Evening show
  • Evening activities which include open bowling, patch trading, etc.

The training at each NOAC is world class because it brings together the most knowledgeable individuals in the area of your chosen topic. These trainers come from around the world to share their expertise with you so that you may be able to bring these ideas back to your lodge and also for personal enjoyment. The latest in bead weaving techniques will help you make your very own beaded items or Native American headdress. No matter what you are interested in, there is a training session that will create a fire within you.

What would be a gathering of people from everywhere without competitions? The competitions vary is size but there is no shortage when it comes to the breadth of opportunities available for you to showcase your talents. A wide variety of sports competitions take place at each conference. For those of you interested in the Native American aspect, we have ceremonies evaluations and Native American dancing to suit your fancy. Through these competitions, Arrowmen are able to not only better themselves physically but also mentally. If these don't appeal to you, there are a multitude of other competitions that will helpful ignite your inner competitive juices.

Also in the afternoons, the National Order of the Arrow Museum will be on display showcasing the national chief and national vice-chief's bonnet, respectively. Much of the lore spoken of in the Order will be found within this novel place. For many people, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see pictures of our founder, Dr. E. Urner Goodman and co-founder, Carroll Edson. You will also have the opportunity to see the history of Order of the Arrow sashes not found anywhere else in the world. You won't want to miss out on this chance.

After dinner, all participants and staff members gather in the university's arena for the nightly show. The first show is always one to remember as the youth National Officers are introduced with their respective bonnet placed on their heads. These impressive young men will welcome each of us to the conference and will share memories of their past that have helped to shape the people they have become today. Some of the other evening shows have depicted messages like an awards evening where the Order of the Arrow will bring in its latest class of Arrowmen to receive the Distinguished Service Award and Lifetime Achievement Award. Other nights will feature the finals of the different disciplines involved with Native American dancing. The final evening encompasses a theme show wrapping up the conference. These shows will forever remain in your heart as one of your fondest memories of NOAC.

After the show is over there is great opportunity for food, fun, and fellowship with all the participants.

After an exciting six day adventure like this, what more can a person do than SLEEP! With the amount of activities on the horizon for the coming day, you are going to need your rest but most of all you won't want to miss NOAC 2012. Don't miss your chance at participating in history. Sign up today!

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