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Traditional DANCE

Men's Traditional may refer to Northern or Southern old style outfits. These outfits are replicas of the style of dress worn (before and later during early reservations times back in the 1800's. The manner of dance is quite a sight to see, since each dancer dances in whatever manner he deems suitable. He may imitate an animal, display a war exploit, or just be dancing for the fun of it. Watch them - you're seeing a part of history.

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Men's Straight Dance
Straight Dance is a Southern style of dancing which is somewhat of an old style as well as being new. This is to say, you can find an older version of this outfit as well as a modern one. Old traditional Southern dress is acceptable as well as bright and flashy modern outfits. Sometimes you will see a combination of both. The style of dancing is similar to traditional style, but at some time period some of the dancers were dancing with somewhat of a straight posture. Since that time, they have been called Straight dancers.

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Men's Grass Dance
Grass Dancing, also called Ribbon or Crazy dancing is a kind of a bridge between traditional style and modern Fancy Dancing. It originated from Canada down through Montana and the Dakotas. As you can see by the outfit, the basics are shirt and pant with lots of ribbon and beadwork to adorn it. Some of the articles worn lean toward traditional, except for the feathered bustle which is absent in this style. The balance leans toward the modern up-to-date Fancy dancer, again leaving off the bustles. Most Grass dancers have their own styles combined, plus a little flair of their own. One reason these dancers were called Grass dancers is self explaining. These men were the first in the dance ring and danced the grass down before the rest of the dancers entered.

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Men's Fancy Dance
Fancy dancing originated in the South during the early 1920's. When they say "you've come a long way baby", they must have been talking about the Fancy Dance outfit. Today's outfits are the most striking aspect of a Powwow, with their "U" shaped bustles, matching beadwork and flashy color combinations. The style of dancing is unlimited. That is to say, the steps that are used vary with each dancer. Spins, turns, hops, skips and whatever is the trait of the ever changing dancers map appear in their dance.

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Old time sioux Dance

Research on old time sioux Dance / style Old Dance :

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